What “Yes” Responses Indicate About You


Here are some initial thoughts regarding “yes” answers to the questions in the self-assessment. To follow up, fill in the Contact Form choose “Assessment” in the drop down subject menu, so we can explore how work is related to your life experience.

Do you ever have the feeling that work is unfulfilling no matter how much effort you put into it? 

Feeling this way is an indication that you are not focused on what is truly important to you. Work is fulfilling when you are expressing who you are through what you do. When work is unfulfilling, it is time to refocus, starting from a more grounded view of what is truly important. From that perspective, career options can be reconsidered with “new eyes”, so that work becomes an integral part of your life.

Do you question whether your work is making a difference?

This question arises when you don’t see the opportunity in your work to contribute to areas of life that are really important to you. For me there were times when I didn’t see that my work was related to any life-enhancing purpose, such as a better quality of life for all. This dilemma can be an indication of a need to clarify what is important to you and consider a different career path, one that evokes excitement.

Do you ever feel that your work is inconsistent with your values in life?

This is an indication that you know deep within that your work is not consistent with your values. This is a good time to clarify those values and recommit to making them an integral part of your work life. This may involve reinventing your current job or seeking a different kind of job, one that calls you each day.

Does the need to conform to a code of behavior in the workplace muffle your self-expression?

The importance of being able to express yourself at work cannot be over-estimated, particularly given the amount of time spent at work.  When this isn’t possible, you live two lives, the one at work that is subdued and the other outside of work where you can be yourself. This is a time to get in touch with the importance you place on being able to express yourself, and to look at work options that would provide more freedom. Are you imagining the constraints at work? If so, is it possible to change those constraints? If not, what career options might you consider?

Do you wonder what your legacy will be?

It is only natural to start thinking about what your legacy will be. While there is no answer to this question, if it is distressing for you, this is an indication that you aren’t satisfied with your priorities in life. Work is an important part of this, for ideally it provides opportunities for accomplishments that you feel are a significant part of your legacy. However, it also detracts from time available for relationships, family, and friends, which are also important. When this question is “on your mind”, it is time to make a life assessment. Look at what is important to you and compare that with how you spend your time. If there is an imbalance, look for ways to change your life including your career.

Do you sense emptiness within that isn’t satisfied by conventional success? 

It is important to recognize and ponder this emptiness. Have you been trying to satisfy it with conventional success? Are you clear that this approach doesn’t work? This feeling is an invitation from your incarnate self to engage in self-reflection. Meditation, contemplation, and reading can be important parts of getting in touch at deeper levels.

Do you find that what you thought would make you happy in life isn’t doing so? 

This is an invitation to look closely at your assumptions about being happy. What have you thought would make you happy? Are there occasions when you have felt happy? If so, what was unusual about those occasions when compared with the rest of your life? This inquiry can help you see differences between happiness, fulfillment, and joy, and may lead you to refocus on something other than happiness.

Do you feel whatever you do is never enough?

This is an indication that you would benefit from looking at your expectations for yourself in life and the expectations that others have for you or that you assume they have. It also raises the questions of whether doing can ever be enough in itself and what is enough. It raises questions about who you truly are and what is your purpose in life. This can be a rich garden of exploration. It can start with exploration of your assumptions about what is expected of you in life and identification of their source. Can you truly see them as assumptions, not the truth?

Do you wonder whether your current experience is all there is in life?

This question is a clear invitation to reevaluate your life. It is an indication that you are disappointed with your life experience so far. And it is an opportunity to refocus after getting in touch with what is important to you at deeper levels than you have previously explored. It is a time to get in touch with what gives you enjoyment and to start pursuing that enjoyment, even if it requires life changes. What would it take for you to be fulfilled?

Do you sense that there is more to life and long to experience it?

This suggests that you have had a glimpse indicating that there is more to life, and that has activated your longing for more. What was the glimpse or intuitive hint that you received? What does it suggest about your life and how to open it to more? What is the longing that you feel? What is missing in your life? These questions put you on the right track.

Do you ever have doubts about who you are at the deepest level?

Welcome to the world of introspection and self-reflection. This doubt is an invitation to go inside and reconsider all that you have thought or assumed about yourself. The question of who you are is perhaps the most important one, for all else regarding life purpose and relationship with the Creator or with no Creator hinges on the insights that you develop. This is a time for daily meditation.

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