Five-Minute Spiritual Self-Assessment You Can Do at Your Desk


All you need is five minutes of quiet time to answer these yes/no questions and gain further insight regarding your spiritual well-being and how it relates to your career.

Keep track of all your “yes” answers:

  • Do you ever have the feeling that work is unfulfilling no matter how much effort you put into it?
  • Do you question whether your work is making a difference?
  • Do you ever feel that your work is inconsistent with your values in life?
  • Does the need to conform to a code of behavior in the workplace muffle your self-expression?
  • Do you wonder what your legacy will be?
  • Do you sense emptiness within that isn’t satisfied by conventional success?
  • Do you find that what you thought would make you happy in life isn’t doing so?
  • Do you feel whatever you do is never enough?
  • Do you wonder whether your current experience is all there is in life?
  • Do you sense that there is more to life and long to experience it?
  • Do you ever have doubts about who you are at the deepest level?

If you answer at least three of these questions with a “yes,” I urge you to read this book and go to the page What “Yes” Responses Indicate About You. This will help you initiate your process of self-discovery and life-transforming career change.

If you answer even one question with a “yes,” I recommend that you read the book and return to the self-assessment after doing so. Reading may change some of your answers.

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