Coaching in Life-Transforming Career Change


Life-transforming career change to achieve greater satisfaction and peace of mind involves strengthening the connection with one’s longing or heart’s desire and expressing that longing through what one does in the world including work. My role as coach is to help individuals in several ways including:

  1. Examining the heart’s longing and what is currently missing in the experience of life.
  2. Initiating practices that enhance connection with the heart.
  3. Identifying assumptions from the past about life in general and work and seeing them as assumptions, not necessarily the truth.
  4. Examining personality traits of the individual and how these relate to work.
  5.  Discussing specific work- and life-related issues that improve the experience of life and detract from it.
  6. Identifying current conflicts between life in general and work.
  7. Identifying career options when change is indicated.

Life-transforming career change may involve a change in work environment, but not necessarily. And even if a job change is indicated, it is important to address issues with the current work environment that are likely to be important where ever one works.

All of this involves coaching, not therapy. If therapy is needed, a licensed practioner should be sought. Normally, I work one-on-one with clients. Go to the Contact page to reach me by email.

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