Recognizing when it’s time for a new approach

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Nov 072013

When I was at the gym yesterday, I was moving through a congested area of that space when I met a man who was heading in the opposite direction. In an attempt to pass each other, we both moved to my left, thus still blocking each other, and then we did it again. At this point I realized that I need to move to the right, because I could see in his eyes that he was determined to move only in one direction.

I have been thinking about his response as a metaphor for life. How many times do I keep trying the same thing even though it doesn’t work? And on the other hand, how often do I recognize that I need to try something new?

There are important lessons in this every day life experience for dealing with the demands of work. When a work situation isn’t thriving, it is time to try a new approach. This may involve a new job, but perhaps not. Perhaps it requires a different attitude toward work. Someone I know was telling me about how much direction he was receiving from his boss, and I commented, “He wants you to be successful.” That thought had never occurred to him. Subsequently, I explained that his success would enhance the success of the boss also. In this way they shared the same goal.

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