“Take-a-ways” from Growing Up After Fifty

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Oct 102013

During a recent web radio interview, Maureen Pelton asked me for some “take-a-ways” from my book. What would I like for people to remember. I confess that I hadn’t focused on this excellent question, and in some respects my response was inadequate. Here is a more complete response.

I see five key points that I would like for people to get from my book, and here they are:

  1. Know yourself at deeper and deeper levels, subjectively and objectively, feminine and masculine
  2. Identify and address blocks to being comfortable in who you truly are, rather than accommodating to the world.
  3. Share yourself with others more fully each day and make an effort to see their humanity
  4. Be willing to seek help in facilitating your unfolding
  5. Be grateful for this amazing life even in difficult times.
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