Life After A Job Loss

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Sep 192013

There is life after a job loss, even a more abundant life as the realization grows that one’s identity is not defined by work and that there are many job options when the constraints of one’s history and assumptions about life are removed. When my position at Exxon was eliminated, my identity was closely linked to what I did to make a living, but as I started to look at what was really important in my life, I rediscovered the centrality of my family. My identity with work started to fade, and work became less important. In addition, when I stopped trying to get another job just like the one I had left, many options opened up, and as a result I joined a start up company that offered a totally new, exciting experience.

The loss of a job can provide a fresh start with greater focus on what is really important.

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Where To Turn When Looking For More In Life

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Sep 172013

For those looking for more in life than has been found in an intense work orientation, more is available, much more. The process of finding it starts with recognition of the desire and re-examination of what is most important in one’s life. Slowly one starts to see that what is desired has been there all along.

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