Website Launched, Book Coming

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May 082013

Thanks for visiting our new site, home of Growing Up After Fifty and Bob Epperly’s coaching on life-transforming career change.

If you are here to order Growing Up After Fifty, we have good news!  Print and digital publication is expected in June or July, 2013.  We are thankful for your interest and hope you will check back often or fill out the form on the Contact page.

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Recognize the limits of your authority

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May 032013

One of my sons was explaining his frustration with his work, and as I listened to him it was clear to me that his frustration was with organizational policies that were established in executive meetings that he was not part of. I perceived that he was trying to take responsibility for policies that were beyond the scope of his job. So I said simply, “Well, you know, you aren’t the president.” He stopped abruptly and got the point immediately, laughing as he did, his burden already reduced. After that when we talked about his work, he referred to his office as that of “not the president.” He later observed that I helped by having a fresh, impersonal perspective that wasn’t hooked into the melodrama of the situation. It is critically important to accept the responsibilities of one’s job and also to recognize the limits of those responsibilities. Otherwise, chronic frustration will result.

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Perception can make all the difference

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May 012013

A friend was discussing his work with me and complaining about his boss. I listened carefully to what he was saying and recognized a simple truth. “He wants you to be successful,” I said, referring to the boss. I went on to explain that the boss’s success depended in part on his success. Of course, the boss wanted him to succeed. My friend took this in silence as he thought about what I had said. He told me later that the mutual success had never occurred to him. After that, he used this bit of wisdom in managing both those who reported to him and his relationship with his boss.

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