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This is an amazing story. I knew Bob Epperly long before he was fifty, and reading the depth and extent of his exploration is stunning. — Peter Block, bestselling author

A memoir of strenuous soul-searching by a former Exxon executive who failed to find fulfillment in a successful corporate career…….Insightful and refreshingly honest…..– Kirkus Review

What if a career of great accomplishment still leaves you…unfulfilled?

Bob Epperly achieved a lot in his career. Eventually he rose to General Manager of Exxon Corporate Research. Later he was CEO of a successful environmental startup. But at age 55, it hit him: there was a big hole of self-deficiency inside him, and corporate success hadn’t filled it. Not even close.

This is the story of what happened next. Whatever your age, if you’re sitting in a corner office, or even a cubicle, wondering what’s wrong inside and what’s going to make it right—Growing Up After Fifty: From Exxon Executive to Spiritual Seeker is for you!

News & Notes

Five Strategies for Improving Your Work Experience

On February 27, my son Bill Epperly and I had another program in the teleseries, “The Monk and the CEO,” and in it we developed five strategies for improving your work experience.  I have summarized those strategies in a post on this page.

An audio recording of the program from which these strategies were taken can be found here.

The Monk and the CEO: A Father/Son Dialogue on Life, Love, and Work

with Bill Epperly, PhD, former Zen Monk, and Bob Epperly, MS, former CEO of Fuel Tech, NV.

Follow this father-son dialogue as we explore important issues including healing relationships and achieving an appropriate work/life balance, from the perspectives of a former Zen Monk and a former CEO.

Click here to listen to the first program on our paths to balancing work with the rest of life and starting to reconcile our different perspectives.

Click here to listen to the second program tracing our interpersonal relationship. We discuss our path from a dysfunctional relationship when we were Monk and CEO to the natural father-son relationship that we have today.

Click here to listen to the third program, subtitled “Healing the Self, Healing the System.” We take a high altitude perspective on our relational journey as we examine the nature of healing, why healing is desirable, how it’s been accomplished, and what our experience might suggest for others.

Click here to listen to the fourth program on the art of spiritual direction.

Click here to listen to the fifth program on balancing work and life in an out of balance world.

Express Who You Are Through What You Do

I was featured on InspireMeToday.com on February 19 with thoughts on expressing who we are through work. Check it out.

Has an employer’s market further skewed work-life balance?

See my comments on this important question in yourhoustonnews.com. http://bit.ly/1oJArzs

5 Tips for Ensuring a Desirable Lifestyle

See my five tips for ensuring a desirable lifestyle in OM Times Magazine. http://bit.ly/1kP3K3k

Does Technology Stand in the Way of an IT Pro’s Spiritual Path?

See my interview with Don Tennant of IT Business Edge on the influence of a technological background on the spiritual path. http://bit.ly/1dESkLN

Web Radio Program on Greater Life Fulfillment

Listen to an interview of Bob Epperly by Maureen Pelton of The Edge at Normandale Community College. In this program, Bob discusses Growing Up After Fifty and what he has learned about having greater life fulfillment since realizing that a corporate career of achievement did not fill the void that he felt within himself. Just click here.

See Sharon Lundberg’s Endorsement

“If you read this journey with an open heart, it will pierce you and help you face your own truth.”

Sharon A. Lundberg, CMP, BCC, SVP, Consultant & Executive Coach

See James A. Cusumano’s Endorsement

“Growing Up After Fifty is an honest, engaging and instructive story of the journey by a loving and sensitive man, who has consistently sought to make a positive difference in the world. It is relevant to our times. This book will be helpful to those who find themselves in similar situations—which, in my view, is a relevant part of adult society. Perhaps more important, this book may touch and embrace the hearts of younger people, so that they don’t have to wait and endure the challenges of many decades to discover the incredible compassion, presence and gratitude already existing within them. ”

James A. Cusumano, PhD, author of BALANCE: The Business-Life Connection

See Carl Klemaier’s Review

“Bob Epperly’s life is the life of a trailblazer–of a man who was ahead of his time. ” See the entire review on amazon.com on the Growing Up After Fifty page.

Book Now Available Broadly
As of July 15, the book is available in print and ebook format on amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. The print version is also available from the publisher, Human Sun Media, at www.humansunmedia.com and at local bookstores.

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What Others are Saying

Bob Epperly’s Growing Up After Fifty could well become a classic — and deserves to. His story demonstrates that for a seasoned, successful executive to become a spiritually conscious, wise, sensitive man is not a cop-out or a flip-out but a direct path to greater human maturity.  — Saniel Bonder, author, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality

Bob Epperly has written a much needed current iteration of the Hero’s Journey tracing his personal transformation from corporate executive to spiritual seeker.  A wonderful companion for any seeker wondering who has gone before and how dark nights are endured.   — Alexis Johnson, PhD, Co-director, Center for Intentional Living

Bob Epperly’s book, Growing Up After Fifty, does a superb job of describing one man’s journey out of old paradigms into an expanding universe of possibilities. His candor and critical self-disclosure will be a help to all who follow his story. — Rev. Dr. Douglass T. Lind, psychoanalyst, management consultant and Episcopal priest

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